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Water Blessing

Samsara Living Museum is located in an area not far from a lake spring with an area of approxi- mately 5,000m2, called ‘Telaga Tista’. This spring is easily seen originated from underground streams flowing from the Mount Agung upstreams and the surrounding hills. Our community believes that these springs are highly sacred, therefore are always used for religious rituals, both those carried out in their respective homes/territories and held directly in the lake of Telaga Tista through a ceremony called Tirta Yatra.

It is an honor for the Samsara Living Museum to provide this valuable opportunity for you to receive positive energy of the existence of the holy water through a water blessing, which will be led by a holyman call Ida Mangku. This ritual will be preceded by worship to god, where the universe with all its components, then ask for overflowing happiness to all mankind through the holy water called tirta and nature.

Package Price : IDR 1,000,000 / USD 75 / Pax (Min. 2 Pax)

Water Blessing include:

  • Tool & equipment
  • Welcome drink
  • 1x snack, tea or coffee
  • 1x lunch/dinner (ajengan yasa)
  • Balinese Holyman
  • Blessing & Offering

People believes that this very sacred springs that always used for religious rituals