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Visit Samsara Museum In The Village Of Jungutan and Find The Cycle Towards Perfection

Samsara is one of the beliefs of Hindus, particularly in the Island of God. It is about the stages of life, characterized by various ceremonies and traditional rituals that lead to the belief in the task of living as humans in repeated births to perfection.

Samsara Museum is a living museum. A warm and open space that will guide any visitors to enjoy and experience the beauty, wealth and to celebrate the cultural values inherited from our ancestors and presents them through love and joy.

Located in Jungutan village of Karangasem district in Bali, in an area of two hectares of green and calming nature. The energy of the universe is abundant, so many lessons can be learned and remembered. Visitors who come here will gain valuable experience and knowledge on various rituals in the Balinese life cycle. There is an introduction to various ceremonies along with the supporting tools and accessories as well as the meaning behind each existing symbol.

The flow of experience in the journey at Samsara Museum will also invite you to learn and make some ceremonial tools, wine, woven bamboo and many other pleasant experiences only within the Balinese way of life. You can also observe a variety of tropical plants in the surroundings.

One not to miss is the experience of being in the museum’s kitchen and preparing traditional meals that will be presented during ritual celebrations, including ‘megibung’, a family feast under one plate served and eaten together with a warm atmosphere of togetherness.

All experiences in the journey of the Samsara Muse- um are best experienced in the spacious front field which provides a room for interactions between vis- itors. Along with pleasant memories of the museum’s atmosphere that can be taken home along with unique artistic handicrafts.

Let’s make ourselves as a part of a step to uphold and conserve the values of our ancestral heritage, as a guide for the good of our present life and the one after.