Visit Museum

Entering the Samsara Living Museum area, we will first find the village’s natural forest

Cooking Class & Arak Making

For a long time, Balinese cuisine has been known as a traditional delight loved by the people of the archipelago.

Genjek Lesson

The tones and cheerful movements of the earthy faces of the Jungutan community

Balinese Dance

The graceful and limber fingers of Balinese dancers will light up the Karangasem Living Museum atmosphere.

Offering Making

The series of offerings that you often see and admire in various rituals of Balinese Society.

Samsara Wellness

A world that is increasingly distracting, hectic, boring, even worrying, makes every human living

Culinary Experience

Feel the rich flavor and a taste of Eastern Bali flavors in each dish where we prepare specifically