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Entering the Samsara Living Museum area, we will first find the village’s natural forest and its surroundings blending with the traditional buildings, none of which are separated from the traditional materials of Jungutan Village such as the fence from the snake fruit midrib, the gate of the stone structure, the wall made of soil and roof made of reeds along with other unique materials. A refreshing tamarind treat will be a specially served for you once entering the front entrance along with a traditional sarong that you will wear throughout your journey in Samsara.

The journey along every corner of the Samsara Living Museum which presents various objects, traditions, attractions to various types of rare plants will bring us to back in a great ancestral civilization in deep values of philosophy, culture and local wisdom. Interesting narratives and explanations about the life cycle of the Balinese people will be displayed in a meaningful visual series, at more than 5 points, you will get the opportunity to witness a series of original community activities such as singing, painting, creating offerings, making of wine, observe the traditional markets, genjek dances, and at the same time, getting the opportunity to learn briefly about these products. At the end of the trip, you can take home beautiful souvenirs produced by the skilled hands of the local community.

Package Price : IDR 100,000 / USD 8 / Pax

Visit Museum include:

  • Welcome drink
  • Snack, tea or coffee
  • In house guide
  • Free rental senteng Bali