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Soul Reflection

A world that is increasingly distracting, hectic, boring, even worrying, makes every human living in such a frenzied condition needing a release and puri cation so that their heart, soul, mind and body to be cleaned and shines once more. The process towards this Balinese belief of resurrection is done with the reflection of the soul called semadi yoga. is spiritual way is within the relaxation of all the components in oneself to be able to neutralize negative energies, turning them into positive. is combination of mind and body will be harmonized by natural instruments presented in the form of aromas, sounds, and also splashes of holy water.

Soul reflection Include:

  • Free visit museum
  • Free rental sarong or kamben Bali
  • Welcome drink
  • Offering
  • Soundbath healing
  • 1x dinner or lunch
  • 1x snack, tea or coffee