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Kepus Wedel

Kepus wedel is a special ritual when placenta was off from the baby’s belly button, usually 5-15 days after the baby born. In Balinese believe, “Kepus wedel” marked the entry of the spiritual power of “Nyama Catur” which will continue to look after the baby. “Pratiti mas” is prepared for the baby. It is made of palm leaves, rolled in such a way, tied with black thread and this is then tied on the baby’s left wrist (called “makekambuh”).

Purification offerings are presented with the aim of obtaining the physical and spiritual balance. In this ceremony, a place of worship for Dewa Kumara is prepared, placed above the baby’s bed. The “Sanggah” was set up in the place where the placenta was buried, as a place of “Dewa Yoni”, also as an embodiment of Prajapati. Normally, a coconut oil lamp is put on the flat stone as an embodiment of “Angenan”. Overall, ceremony of purifying the “Nyama Catur”, eliminating the negativity of the birth called “Manglepas Awon”.