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Mekutang Rambut

Mekutang Rambut Ceremony symbolized that the baby has become a perfect human, the impurity of the baby caused by the birth process is gone. At this stage, the baby’s hair is shaved off. This ceremony is usually done when the baby is six months old according to Balinese calendar, or commonly named “a oton” (210 days).  The age of a oton is chosen for this ceremony. Because at this age the baby is considered has a good immune system and baby’s health is in good stage.

The process for the potong rambut ceremony, firstly cut the lotus flower into small pieces, then sprinkle it on the head of the baby, then with garbodha (three Imperata leaves tied with tridatu/three-color thread) surround the child’s head 3 times, then cut the hair together with garbodha , firstly the hair on the front of the head, secondly is the hair above the right ear, thirdly on the back of the head, the fourth is the hair above the left ear, finally the hair at the top of the head. Then the hair and karbodha are placed in belayad (made from coconut leaves).  In the end karbodha and the hair are buried behind the “rong telu/penegtegan”.