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The purpose of this ceremony is to eliminate the impurities of a young adult which are described as the characteristics of Bhuta, Kala, Pisaca Raksasa and Sadripu which influence humans to reach maturity.   Neutralize Sadripu (sad: six and ripu: enemy) that exists in mankind, namely – (1) kama: lust, desire, (2) lobha: greed, (3) krodha: anger, (4)moha: confused, (5) mada: drunk, (6)matsarya: envy or jealousy, symbolically done by sharpening 4 incisors and 2 fangs in the maxilla.

It is the obligation of parents to do the yadnya, in a broader sense including character education, morality and religious values so that a young adult truly becomes someone who is saputra.

The ceremony is usually done after someone is about 16 years old or is considered to be an adult. This ceremony also intends to remove tooth, skin and hair impurities. Before the teeth in the upper jaw are sharpened, the first thing to do is to worship Sanghyang Semara Ratih, the god of youth.