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Ngeles Kakambuh

After the baby is one month and seven days old (42 days), there is a ceremony, called “Ngeles Kakambuh”. The Kakambuh amulet (pengijeng) is replaced by Pengijeng rare (baby amulet), which serves as the guardian of the baby’s soul, so that the baby will live long, free from pain and obstruction. Nyama Catur were given “pelukatan” and “tirta” (holy water), so it became holy again.  The mother also has given the “pelukatan” and “tirta”, with the aim of purifying the negativity of a mother when giving birth.

Returning “Nyama bajang” to its origin as the task and responsibility are complete. “Nyama Bajang” has contributed to taking care during the process of the fetus until it becomes a baby during the pregnancy. From the spiritual point of view (niskala), it aims to purify the soul and body of the baby from all negativity and also purify the mother so that she can enter the sacred area such as family shrines and temples.